About Us

What is FXP?

FXP is a group of independent Android developers whose members voluntarily work on Sony Mobile devices. We aim to provide the newest version of Android for as many of the latest devices as possible. We contribute our work to both Sony Mobile and CyanogenMod.

Which devices do we support?

We only support European Single SIM variants of devices. There are simply too many variants for our small team to support them all, and we only have the European Single SIM variants available to us anyway. However we are willing to accept contributions for other variants if the developer is also willing to maintain it.

Which alternative ROMs do we support?

We currently provide AOSP created with Sony Mobile’s repos, and CyanogenMod which is based on Qualcomm specific code provided by Code Aurora and has several modifications to support extra personalization. In the future we hope to support a greater range of ROMs from other sources, not just CyanogenMod.

How can I install ROMs from FXP?

The first condition is that the option to unlock the bootloader is available on your device (this may be blocked by your mobile network provider if you obtained your device under subsidy) and you don’t mind potentially voiding your warranty.

What is the difference between a CyanogenMod nightly and a release from FXP?

Probably nothing except for some FXP graphics at boot. During device bring-up or shortly after a new version of Android is released, we may publish test builds before merging into CyanogenMod.

Is the source code available?

Absolutely! Android is an open source project, and so is ours. For AOSP we use the instructions found on Sony Mobile’s Developer World. All code used to build our ROMs is available on GitHub, either directly from Sony or as part of CyanogenMod. See the device pages for links to specific repos.